How I Got Started

The images I created for my photo note cards were collected,over many years, on trips abroad, at various fairs and festivals, trips around town, car shows and on visits to my alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill. As a teenager,I started taking my camera on trips, and I ended up with hundreds of photos, which soon turned into more than I could count. I thought many of my images were special enough to be shared, but had no idea how to do so. One day I thought of using my images to create note cards. I initially gave these away to friends, then got requests for more, so I decided to start selling my cards. I have been making these cards for several years,with many of my loyal customers encouraging me to sell my cards on my own website. So, welcome to my website, friends! I have also opened an Etsy store for 4cornersphotos as well as a Facebook page for 4cornersphotos, which I hope you will visit. 
My love of UNC and all things Tar Heels began at an early age. Attending UNC and being consumed with "Carolina Fever", Coach Dean Smith and his "4corners" basketball, the seed for the name "4cornersphotos" was planted. I am proud to now bring my passion for taking pictures to the web. I strive to create the highest quality note card product possible and immensely enjoy sharing my passion with people who love quirky and unique perspectives of the world. For me, each photograph is an expression of my vision and interpretation of the world in which we live! I hope you enjoy looking at my work and will share with friends and family!